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IXu announces the up-coming global release of its new and improved #1-rated inSpiral® male condom and its VA w.o.w. Condom Feminine® (worn-of-women).

Here’s what Cosmopolitan® and the international media are saying about the new VA® condoms for women:

“Stop Everything: New Birth Control Guarantees You’ll Have Awesome Orgasm.  It’s contraception and a sex toy. Yessss.”      

By Lane Moore,  Cosmopolitan®   April 2015

Cosmo SS

“These are the revolutionary condom our sex lives have been waiting for!”

By Kate Hakala,   May 2015


The new female condom: will an added vibrator mean it finally catches on?

By Pippa Allen-Kinross, The Independent®   June 2015

The new VA wow® model has a mini vibe built-in for a one-time disposable use, the VA Vibe™.


The VA Vibe™, with a mini-vibe device encased in the strategically-located white portion of the heart-shaped outer frame.

The flexible plastic frame and the stretched latex outer coverage lay snugly up against the woman’s genitalia.

The soft inner sponge is positioned within the pouch and stays comfortably inside the woman.  The sponge holds the latex pouch inside the vagina during intercourse.

The heart-frame holds the outer latex taunt as it gracefully covers the woman, providing a latex barrier for the outer genitalia of both partners.

VA Vibe™ on CNN:

Dr. Drew on VA w.o.w.® video

Dr. Drew show on CNN-HLN,    May 2015    

VA redheart 3 v

See more:   Media response to VA w.o.w.® (with Vibe):

YouTube video from USA Today®:

WomanShellCropped,le-va-w-o-w-le-premier-preservatif-feminin-qui-garantit-un-orgasme    inSpiral

VAvibeMheartR:WVA natural photo


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