Wearable tech: The 2015 VA w.o.w. Vibe Feminine Condom

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Welcome to IXu LLC, a global leader in condom lesbian videos innovation since 1998.  IXu holds the largest collection of patents for barrier contraceptives in the world.

VA w.o.w.® Condom Feminine and inSpiral® condoms for men milf porn are the two most popular condoms from IXu.  Both are presently being prepared for global markets, through partnering with new state-of-the-art manufacturers.

Wearable tech and interactive condoms worn by men and women is the primary field of development at IXu.  Miniaturized electronics for adding pleasure and safety are now possible with IXu’s patented technology.

In the conceptual drawings above, a small vibe device is encased in the strategically-located white portion of the heart-shaped outer frame on the open end of the soft lesbian porn latex condom pouch.  The white disc is the sponge positioned at the closed end of the latex pouch.  The sponge helps hold the condom in place during intercourse.

VA w.o.w. – – worn-of-women!

IXu is currently developing all its condom lines with miniaturized electronic accessories attached and controlled cartoon porn vids through wireless (Bluetooth, etc.) devices.

Please contact IXu celebrity nude with your interest or comments at info@ixullc.com.  The latest IXu media hot milfs releases are:  

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